What a $%&*@#! feeling.

Whether you ryg™ it, or strap™ it, Woojer delivers #allthefeels and then some!
From epic bass-in-the-face, Richter scale beats to face-melting battles that’ll have you picking out shrapnel for weeks to come!
Woojer takes you there. First class.

Hang onto your toupee!

It’s haptic. It’s hectic.
Whether you’re gaming-on-the-go, or just kicking back and slaying-la-vida-loco,
Woojer’s haptic feedback will pepper your favourite gamez, beatz & flickz
with neue, unimaginably sensations.

compatible with:

Dig Jimi Hendrix?

Well now you can sit on his lap and look up adoringly, like a complete sycophant, while he rips your face off, one shreddin’ guitar riff at a time. Because with Ryg™ you don’t just hear the detail. You feel the detail.
The hum of the amp. The visceral screech of Jimi’s Strat in overdrive. Yep, with high-fidelity haptic feedback, the shivers are in perfect sync with the audio, so you can pucker up and smooch the sky!

Choose your poison and play responsibly…

Touch-down in a parallel dimension

Touch-down in a parallel dimension