What a $%&*@#! feeling.

Whether you Vest™ it, or Strap™ it, Woojer delivers #allthefeels and then some!
From epic bass-in-the-face, Richter scale beats to face-melting battles that’ll have you picking out shrapnel for weeks to come!
Woojer takes you there. First class.


Hang onto your toupee!

It’s haptic. It’s hectic.
Woojer’s haptic feedback will pepper your favourite gamez, beatz & flickz
with neue, unimaginably sensations.

compatible with:

Choose your poison and play responsibly...

With Woojer, you don’t just hear the detail. You FEEL the detail.
Yep, with high-fidelity haptic feedback, the shivers are in perfect sync with the audio, so you can pucker up and smooch the sky!

What’s your poison?

Touch-down in a parallel dimension

Touch-down in a parallel dimension