Complete Control

Say hello to a new experience

The new Series 3 line of products comes with a new dedicated application, which will enable you to control the Woojer's appearance, manage its basic functions, control its audio settings, and perform Firmware updates. The Woojer application encompasses our latest improvements in the field and will provide you with advanced and robust control over your Woojer device

Available Now:

Firmware Updates

Get the latest firmware updates with OTA (Over-the-air) installation. 

Bluetooth Headphones

Connect and manage Bluetooth headphones directly with the Woojer App for a completley wireless experience.

Audio Settings

Bluetooth audio latency management and audio-haptic synchronization.

Dedicated Volume & Haptic Control

Dedicated volume control, synchronized with the source, the Woojer, and external Bluetooth headphones, using AVRCP Bluetooth protocol. 

LED Management

Advanced LED Color management for the Strap Series 3's internal color ring.