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Revolutionizing Physical Therapy

Dr. Giovanni Peduto's Frequency Method Transforms Patient Care.

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The Metodo Frequency™

A Conversation with Dr. Giovanni Peduto

Let's start by getting to know you, Dr. Giovanni.
Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Dr. Giovanni:
I'm a kinesiologist from Salerno, Italy. My expertise includes physical education, Pilates, massage therapy, and Krav Maga instruction. I focus on human movement issues and have developed the Metodo Frequency™, utilizing sound frequencies to alleviate organic pain symptoms.


Exploring the Frequency Method

Can you delve into what the Frequency Method is and how it works?

Dr. Giovanni:
Certainly. The Metodo Frequency™ is a non-invasive approach that employs sound frequencies as haptic vibrations. It's designed to rebalance organic and tissue dysfunction and has shown effectiveness in treating a range of disorders, from painful ovulation to muscle contractures.


Woojer's Role in the Frequency Method

How have Woojer products been integrated into your Frequency Method?

Dr. Giovanni:
I've incorporated Woojer Strap and Vest devices to enhance the application of sound frequencies in my treatments. These devices significantly augment the perception of mechanical vibrations on the body.


Benefits of Woojer Technology

What advantages does Woojer technology offer in your method?

Dr. Giovanni:
The primary benefit is the accuracy of the Osci™ technology in Woojer devices. They replicate the sound frequencies I generate with almost no latency.


Incorporating Woojer in Treatment

Can you walk us through how you incorporate Woojer technology into your treatment process?

Dr. Giovanni:
Absolutely. I use the Strap and Vest, which are equipped with haptic actuators. The treatment begins with a comprehensive patient history to understand their symptoms. Following this, I conduct a palpation examination to identify the treatment point, which varies based on the symptoms and their causes.

The Woojer devices are then connected via Bluetooth or directly to tablets/PCs. The specific sound frequency sent by the app is transformed into mechanical vibration and applied to the treatment area. This process includes sanitizing both the device and the area with alcohol and moving the device around the area for better sound frequency propagation and a vascularizing effect.


Observing the Impact

Have you observed positive outcomes using Woojer technology in your method?

Dr. Giovanni:
Yes, the results have been promising, with an average success rate of 63.44% across various groups. It's been a remarkable journey seeing how Woojer technology can enhance physical therapy treatments.


Closing Thoughts

Thank you, Dr. Giovanni, for sharing your innovative work and experiences with us. Your application of Woojer technology in the field of physical therapy is truly inspiring.

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