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Redefining Sound

Feeling the Beat: Woojer in the Mix

Anastasia Deripaska

The Ricardo Kondo Experience

in the vibrant heart of Ibiza, Spain, a place synonymous with groundbreaking music and electrifying nightlife, resides Ricardo Kondo—a visionary music composer, producer, artist, and DJ whose innovative approach to sound is reshaping the auditory landscape.

A Berklee College of Music alumnus, Kondo's journey is a testament to the transformative power of technology in music.

Our recent conversation with him unveiled the depth of his creativity and the revolutionary role of Woojer technology in his artistic endeavors.


A Symphony of Skills

Ricardo Kondo's repertoire is as diverse as it is fascinating.
With a career spanning over a decade since his graduation in 2010, Kondo has mastered the art of creating compelling music for digital media, including film, TV, and advertising.

His projects, such as Mariaxibit and Kondo, have left indelible marks on the dance floors across the globe.
Yet, it's his passion for gadgets and technology that has led him to an intriguing partnership with Woojer—a collaboration that's setting new standards in music production and enjoyment.


Feeling the Beat: Woojer in the Mix

Kondo's integration of Woojer's Vest and Strap into both his professional and personal life is nothing short of revolutionary.

In the studio, the Woojer Vest has become an essential tool, allowing him to physically feel the bass frequencies, thereby offering a tactile dimension to music production that was previously unimaginable.

This sensory feedback is crucial for perfecting the dancefloor hits, providing a clear understanding of how the kick drum and bass lines interact without the need for an acoustically treated room or subwoofers.


Beyond the Studio: A World of Possibilities

However, Kondo's use of Woojer extends far beyond the confines of music production.
He describes how the Vest has enhanced his meditation practices, DJing experiences, workouts, and even his simple enjoyment of music.

The portability and innovative design of the Woojer products have allowed him to bring this immersive experience wherever he goes, whether he's traveling, working on music on a plane, or just enjoying his playlists in a new, more profound way.


What Makes Woojer Unique?

When asked about what sets Woojer apart,
Kondo highlights the quality and strategic placement of the Osci™ haptic actuators in the Vest, creating an unparalleled immersive experience.

The latest version's Bluetooth connectivity, along with a slimmer, lighter design, underscores its versatility and appeal for those on the move.


A Vision for the Future

Kondo's enthusiasm for Woojer's potential is infectious. He envisions its application extending into wellness, meditation, breathwork sessions, silent discos, and events for the hearing impaired.
Dreaming of attending a concert equipped with his Woojer Vest or Strap, Kondo imagines experiencing music in a uniquely personal way, through his own headphones and vest, opening up new dimensions of sound perception.

As our conversation with Ricardo Kondo concludes, it's evident that his exploration of Woojer technology is not merely about enhancing sound; it's about revolutionizing the way we experience music and sound in our daily lives.

From the studio to the stage, and into the realms of personal well-being, Kondo's innovative use of Woojer products is paving the way for a future where sound is not just heard but felt in the most literal sense.


Stay tuned as we continue to delve into the stories of individuals like Ricardo Kondo, who are at the forefront of using Woojer technology to explore and expand the boundaries of sound and music.

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