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A Deaf DJ's Journey

Unlocking a New Dimension of Sound with Woojer

Anastasia Deripaska

Troi Lee's (Deaf Rave) Music Revolution.

In the realm of music and sound, barriers are being broken, and new horizons are being explored, thanks to the innovative technology of Woojer.

This remarkable journey is epitomized by the inspiring story of Troi Lee, a deaf DJ who is not just navigating the world of sound but also reshaping it for the hard-of-hearing community.


Troi, the founder of Deaf Rave, has been a beacon of change in the music industry, creating spaces for Deaf DJs, producers, and visual artists to showcase their talents.

His encounter with Woojer was a turning point, a moment that redefined his connection with music. "The idea of a device that could translate sound into tactile feedback instantly intrigued me," he shares, reflecting on his first encounter with Woojer.


The impact of Woojer on Troi's life and profession has been profound. "Feeling the music through Woojer's tactile feedback was like discovering a new dimension of sound," he explains.

This technology has enabled him to feel the beat and synchronize his mixes with precision, transforming his DJing and music production work. Moreover, it has revolutionized the Deaf Rave scene in the UK, with many DJs adopting Woojer to enhance their mixing skills and sync with the beats more accurately.


What sets Woojer apart from Troi is its ability to translate the energy and emotion of music into physical sensations.

This unique feature has not only deepened his appreciation for music but has also made it more accessible and enjoyable for the Deaf community. "Before Woojer, experiencing music was always a challenge," he recalls.

Now, with Woojer, the experience is inclusive and empowering, offering a full-body sensation that captures the essence of sound.


Despite the challenges of adapting the device for long DJ sets, Troi's enthusiasm for Woojer remains unwavering.

He sees it as a "game-changer" and a "Godsend innovation" for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Looking ahead, he envisions integrating Woojer into live performances to provide a tactile experience for the audience and hopes for further customization options to tailor the experience even more closely to individual preferences.


Troi's story is a testament to the power of innovation in creating more inclusive and accessible experiences for everyone, regardless of hearing ability.

As Woojer continues to revolutionize the experience of sound, it opens up new possibilities for connection, expression, and enjoyment in the world of music.

Stay tuned as we continue to delve into the stories of individuals like Troi Lee (Deaf Rave), who are at the forefront of using Woojer technology to explore and expand the boundaries of sound and music.

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